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Orr | Cook is a premier commercial and business litigation law firm in Jacksonville. Our Team has nearly a century of combined experience resolving complex commercial disputes through mediation, arbitration and litigation. We also apply our substantial trial experience to formulate effective risk management strategies that help our clients avoid problems altogether. Our attorneys represent a variety of companies of all types and sizes, ranging from the local family-owned business to the national Fortune 500 corporation and well-known franchises.

Commercial Transactions and Risk Management Solutions

The best way to manage litigation is to avoid it altogether. For this reason, Orr | Cook urges our clients to take steps to protect themselves during the acquisition of an existing business or through creation of a new enterprise, and to continually manage risks. While conducting commercial transactions, our lawyers always consider how we can help businesses balance their investment and growth opportunities, while avoiding unnecessary risks. From this perspective, our attorneys assist local and national companies with:

  • General Counsel & Risk Management — Our attorneys advise companies when new statutes affect their operations and periodically assess compliance and liability. By taking these proactive steps, the Firm helps businesses avoid disputes and regulatory violations.
  • Contract Drafting & Review — Our lawyers review, negotiate and draft contracts that reflect our client’s needs and goals. We pay special attention to how language can help our client avoid litigation and protect their interests in case of dispute.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions — Merging with or acquiring an existing business has substantial benefits when done right. Time is money and our attorneys will work diligently towards the closing to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.
  • Franchise Development — Franchise agreements are complex documents, governed by multiple state statutes and federal codes. Our legal team guides local franchisees and national franchisors in developing successful business models and operations.

Resolving Disputes Through Litigation and Negotiation

Regardless of the steps a business takes to avoid disputes, it may still end up in litigation. Our attorneys are aggressive litigators who pursue the best possible outcomes through meticulous preparation and polished trial skills. We negotiate settlement when appropriate and recommend trial when, after careful analysis, it is in our client’s best interest. Orr | Cook represents both plaintiffs and defendants in claims involving:

  • Contract Disputes — If the opposing party breaches a contract, our attorneys pursue specific performance or monetary damages, as appropriate given the facts of our client’s case. When representing a party that has breached a contract we tailor our defenses to the particular circumstances surrounding the nonperformance — for example, breach by the other party, force majeure , waiver & estoppel or voidability.
  • Shareholder Disputes — With so much invested in a company, it is no wonder that shareholder disputes occasionally erupt. However, disagreements can cause serious disruption in the business and eventually lead to permanent divisions. Our Firm recommends that our clients obtain legal advice as soon as practicable to position themselves as favorably as possible.
  • Trademark, Trade Dress & Patent Infringement — Intellectual property is often one of a company’s most valuable assets. The Firm takes infringement cases very seriously as the impact of such claims on a company’s bottom line and financial stability can be severe. Our Team is positioned to respond at a moment’s notice for a client who is impacted by infringement or who is accused of the practice.
  • Deceptive & Unfair Trade Practices — Florida’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA) was passed in 1973 to protect consumers and offer protection against unfair business practices in a wide variety of trades and commerce. This law attempts to enforce a certain minimum level of honesty and fair dealing amongst parties with their commercial dealings. Our attorneys represent individuals and businesses in cases involving alleged violations of this Act.
  • Franchise Disputes — In a nutshell, a franchisee has a duty to abide by the provisions of the franchise agreement and to pay the agreed upon fees to the franchisor. In exchange, the franchisor delivers the benefit of branding, marketing and specified services. A franchise agreement falls apart when one side does not hold up its side of the bargain. Our lawyers have substantial experience applying the complex federal and state regulations to obtain relief for the affected party.
  • Professional Liability & Fiduciary Claims — A fiduciary undertakes the legal duty to act in the principal’s best interests. Examples of professionals that guarantee a fiduciary relationship are attorneys, accountants, stockbrokers, corporate directors and legal guardians. Fiduciary claims may arise out of fraudulent misrepresentation, conflict of interests or unlawful activities. We have the experience to represent a wronged principal or an unfairly accused fiduciary in disputes.

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