Construction Litigation

Protecting Clients’ Interests From Contract to Project Completion

Orr | Cook is a leader in construction dispute resolution in Northeast Florida. From foundation to roof and every component in between, our attorneys effectively guide our clients through each stage of the building process. With nearly a century of combined experience, our Team has substantial knowledge of complex building issues including financing, contracts, bonds, licensing, liens and liability claims.

Based in Jacksonville, our Firm represents clients throughout the state along with the local counties of Duval, Nassau, Clay, Baker and St. Johns.  Because of our longstanding work in this area, we have access to top-notch experts who will respond immediately with answers to urgent issues.

Legal Tools for Building Success

We represent all players in the industry, including investors, developers, engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors and property owners, in a variety of matters affecting commercial and residential construction projects. Our services involve:

  • Contract Drafting & Review — Our Team establishes a solid foundation at the contract review and negotiation stage. Then, we act decisively and precisely to protect our clients’ interests.
  • Contract Disputes — We review the circumstances surrounding a breach of contract and strategize how we can make our client whole. For example, we may pursue specific performance or monetary damages, or we may counter a claim with such defenses as force majeure, voidability or waiver and estoppel.
  • Construction Defects — Defects in construction may cause serious problems such as water intrusion, mold growth, ensuing property damage, collapse, fire or personal injury. Our Firm thoroughly researches whether construction errors such as inferior products, improper workmanship or poor design are to blame.
  • Warranty Claims — Construction defects are often initially covered under short term warranties. As a result, only small windows of time exist to trigger this particular remedy.
  • Design Professional Liability — Complicating the issue of determining liability, most construction projects have multiple professionals across a myriad of disciplines involved in the process.  Our lawyers have the experience and technical knowledge to quickly determine the discipline that created the error and what impact the error truly caused on the project, if any.  This unique skill permits early resolution of a design claim which is preferred when insurance deductibles and diminishing limits policies are at the top of the list of client concerns.
  • Lien & Payment Claims — Liens help contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and professionals guarantee payment for their services. Our attorneys assist these parties in recording liens and filing foreclosure actions to collect payment to which they are rightfully entitled.
  • Performance & Payment Bond Litigation — The surety bond is supposed to protect the insured’s interest in the building project should the contractor file for bankruptcy or otherwise fail to perform. However, bonding companies often dispute payment for a variety of reasons.  Our Firm can resolve such disputes.
  • Delay & Impact Claims — Minor delays in construction are common, but when these delays cause financial damages, the injured parties may have a valid cumulative impact claim. Conversely, the originators of the delay may have a reasonable defense to these complex causes of action.  We have experience in presenting and defending such claims.
  • Insurance Claims & Analysis — Being underinsured can have detrimental financial consequences. Our attorneys assess whether a construction project carries enough insurance and the right types of insurance to adequately protect against liability. We also are aware of the growing trend for insurers to dispute or deny coverage in the context of construction projects.
  • Risk Management — Avoiding disputes saves time and money. Our attorneys counsel construction businesses on developing solid risk management plans to prevent problems from arising before, during and after a project.

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